A week has passed and the world has changed in ways we could not have imagined. We, like everyone else, would like to show our support to everyone affected by the tragic recent developments in Ukraine. Therefore, all proceeds from this week’s release will go to the Red Cross, helping the victims of the war.

Please note that this week’s release is 100% Drikkeriget’s choice, and that the breweries are not involved in the arrangement of the release or the donation of the proceeds. All beers were bought and paid for before last week’s developments. We feel donating the proceeds of this release to the victims is the best way we can help out in this terrible situation.
Beers included in this week’s release (kegs and cans available):
Zagovor – All Summer in a Day – Gose w. Passion Fruit AF Brew – Big Black Mash – Butterscotch Imp Stout
Zagovor – Hot Wax – NE- Style DIPA AF Brew – Black Mass is my Cassis – Cassis Berliner Weisse
Zagovor – Prozess – NE-Style IPA w. Kveik AF Brew – E.T.D. DDH Citra – All Citra DDH DIPA
Zagovor – Sequoia Trail – West Coast IPAAF Brew – E.T.D. DDH Mosaic – All Mosaic DDH DIPA
Zagovor – Soulmate – NE IPA w. Sabro AF Brew – Kiss the Dust Mosaic+Citra – DDH Sour IPA
Zagovor – The Sun and Sunspots – NE DIPA AF Brew – Oodles of Labrodoodles – NE IPA
Black Cat – Spicy is Jungle – Sour Ale w. Mango, Guava, Apricots and ChiliAF Brew – Passion is my confession – Passion Fruit Berliner Weisse
Black Cat – Spizzerinktum Strawberry – Modern-Style Gose w. StrawberryAF Brew / Midnight Project – Neighbors In Crime – Post-Imp Pastry Stout 

Have you ever seen a cozier beer?

NO YOU HAVE NOT. And the warmth comes not just from the fire in the background, but from the rich, malty, toasty character of the Únětický 16° bock beer in the glass! That’s right, not only a new shipment from Únětický, but a new beer as well!

This brewery gets more popular with every release, and with good reason. Order quick, it will be gone fast!

Únětický Masopustní Bock 16°  – Bock – 6%ABV
Únětický Pivo 10° Nefiltrované – Czech Pilsner – 4%ABV
Únětický Pivo 12° Nefiltrované – Czech Pilsner – 5%ABV