Happy Monday, everyone!

American IPAs continue to dominate this week, thanks to our newest air shipment from The Veil! 

You’ve heard of DDH and TDH, but how about QDH? (I.e,. Quintuple dry-hopped!) The Veil ventures into a new frontier for their 4th birthday celebration beer, Sector 5, a quadruple IPA. We also have IPAs, DIPAs and TIPAs from these masters of hops. 

Feeling like something fruity and entrancingly beautiful? The Veil takes on seltzers in a big way with their friends at Omnipollo. Vanilla Blueberry Dragonfruit Passionfruit Shu is an imperial smoothie gose hard seltzer with vanilla, blueberries, dragon fruit, passion fruit, raspberries, and vanilla salt. 

Check out this and much more from The Veil in our pricelist.

Want the perfect combination of summer flavors to please your most picky customers? Look no further than, Hoof Hearted, Decadent, American Solera, Public Access and Short Throw. 

They’re offering up a tantalizing combination of IPAs, fruited/sour IPAs, and goses, like:

Short Throw – The Treachery of Fruit: Mango Apricot
6% – Fruited Gose 

The Treachery of Fruit: Mango & Apricot is another banger in our fruited gose stlye series. We acidify and ferment a traditional gose style ale; tart, light, with a touch of salinity. After fermentation, we added copious amounts of the finest mango & apricot purees to replace some sweetness, which also provides its unique color and texture. If you enjoy when beer meets puree, then this is your jam.

See the list for many more summer favorites.

Top of your order with some cases from the rising stars in the Netherlands,  Folkingebrew

Folkingebrew / Frontaal – Rite of Passage
NE DIPA  / 8.5%ABV

This New England IPA has the hazy thickness that we know and love, along with a playful hop bite. Rich, bitter, thirst-quenching.