Hey everybody,

I’m Rune, I’m taking over after Yescher, and I’ll be your contact in regards to orders from now on.

So, this week, we have some super exciting releases from Evil Twin Brewing NYC – the king of smoothie beers. Check out the price-list below but don’t miss: .

Sour Ale / 6.5% / Bright, tropical flavors of guava, mango, and overripe pineapple.

We are also releasing AleSmith this week. Be sure to check ’em out!

AleSmith – Speedway Stout: Espresso & Madagascar Vanilla (Can) – Imperial Stout w. Espresso & Vanilla – 12% ABV

Creamy espresso and lush Madagascar Vanilla add to the robust chocolate and coffee flavors Speedway fans already know and love and that classic 12% Imperial Stout punch will have you feeling juuuust right.

Our price list contains the beers featured above, but we always have a wide variety for you to choose from and constantly add great new beers, updated every Monday. We urge you to take a look at the list on a weekly basis to keep up with the releases.

Contact us to be added to our weekly price list.