This week we feature de Garde Brewing, quite simply one of craft beer’s elite producers and and perhaps the premier example of terroir in brewing. Combining Belgium’s finest koelschip traditions with ingredients and spontaneous fermentation that are uniquely Oregonian, de Garde is a perennial top 5 brewery on the RateBeer global beer rankings, creating beers competitive in quality with anything Belgium turns out.

And they do it on a scale so small it makes it a tremendous privilege for us to be able to get ANY of their beer which is why having SIXdifferent de Garde beers in the warehouse makes us extraordinarily grateful. You will kick yourself later if you don’t grab some before they’re gone.   

de Garde – Riesling Ivy – Spontaneous Wild w Riesling Grapes BA 2 years – 7%ABV – UNTAPPD
de Garde – The Architect – Spontaneous Wild w Tillamook Honey BA 3 years – 6%ABV
de Garde – The Kriekenmaak – Spontaneous Wild Montmorency and Morello cherries – 7%ABV – UNTAPPD
de Garde – The Law of Motion Reserve – Spontaneous Wild w Cider Apples BA 4 years – 6.5%ABV
de Garde – Ivy – BA Wild w fresh and aged Hops – 6%ABV
de Garde – Lee Kriek Reserve- Cacao & Vanilla – Spontaneous Wild w Cherries, Vanilla and Cacao BA 3 years – 7.7%ABV – UNTAPPD

You may have noticed a trend here at Drikkeriget lately, and that is that we strive to maintain a steady flow of Fuerst Wiacek through our doors. This is for two reasons: #1) You request it. #2) It is high-quality, delicious craft beer.

Fuerst Wiacek / Stu Mostów – Avant Gardener – DIPA – 8%ABV
Fuerst Wiacek – Don’t Get Hit by Lightning – DDH IPA – 6.8%ABV

Fuerst Wiacek – Goodbye To The Ground – IPA – 6.8%ABV
Fuerst Wiacek – Smooth Mover – IPA – 6.8%ABV
Fuerst Wiacek – Whirly Brain – DDH DIPA w. Lactose, Galaxy, Citra & Mosaic – 8%ABV

Evil Twin NYC – Hey dad, did you change the password on our Disney+ account? My ex-girlfriend is trying to use it and can’t get in. – DDH IPA w. Cashmere, Citra & Galaxy – 8%ABV

Evil Twin NYC – Running a sub 4 min mile is impressive. Running a sub 4 min mile every year since 2003 is unbelievable – or is it? – DH Pale Ale w. Galaxy, Mosaic & Simcoe

Evil Twin NYC – Saisonpagne – Winter Saison – 6%ABV