Despite being multiple medal winners and always among the favorites in California brewing, I feel like The Bruery is a case of “hiding in plain sight”. Many of us in or into craft beer are so used to the brand being around that we take it for granted and forget just how innovative and unique they have been since opening in 2008. And so the fact that they continue to bring just as much passion and innovation to their beers today sometimes gets overlooked.

Whether it’s Bakery Series beersbig, complex barrel-aged delicacies, or elegant tweaks to traditional Belgian styles, The Bruery continues to challenge not only your palate, but your notions of just what beer is supposed to be. Their motto of “Taste over style.” shines through with every beer they brew, and we champion their cause with every Bruery beer we stock!

Below is a sample of what we have available!

Licuados – BA Imp. Stout w. bananas, cinnamon, and vanilla – 9.7%ABV
Tripel Berry Hand Pie – BA Sour Tripel Ale w. Boysenberry, Graham Cracker, and Vanilla – 11.8%ABV
Poterie: Bourbon BA(2016) – BA Old Ale – 16.8%ABV
Poterie: Scotch BA(2016) – BA Old Ale – 14.8%ABV
Saison Ardennes (375ML) – 6.3%ABV
Terreux Frucht: Cucumber – Sour Ale w. Cucumber – 4.5%ABV