For the second week in a row we have a FIRST TIME visitor to Drikkerriget! 

Brand new on the brewing scene, these Belarusians are both pushing boundaries and trodding well-worn traditional ground with a broad array of styles. Grab a handful of the spontaneously fermented goodies we have in bottles, and/or a keg of delicious DIPA and stout to sample a little bit of everything these folks are doing! 

Poklič: Hioh I Hruša – BA Saison w Pear and Hawtorns
Pramień: Batch #02 – BA Brett Saison DH w Sabro
Pramień: Batch #03 – BA Brett Ale w Wild Quince
Lichamanka: Strata – Strata only DDH West Coast DIPA
Mitrenha: Talus & Sabro – DDH West Coast DIPA
Bahna: Extra Peated – Extra Peated Smoked Imp Stout (collab w Jungle Brewery)

And of course, these guys need no introduction…

More great beer from Zagovor! And in sexy new formats—440ml cans and 30L key kegs!

Smalti – NE DIPA w. Mosaic
Soulmate – NE IPA w. Sabro
First Sip – DH Pils w. Saaz, Perle & Citra
Wasted Youth – Pale Ale