Cascade Brewing has been a pioneer in the sour beer renaissance since 2006 and is the proud innovator of the Northwest Sour Ale. Its distinctive sour beer blends feature fruit forward, barrel-aged ales with an emphasis on project year-to-year variation. These beers offer a complex array of flavors derived from the acid, the fruit and the residual flavors present in the barrels in which they age. The resulting beers offer a complex array of flavors and aromas derived from each project year release capturing the unique subtleties of that year’s growing season.

Peche Fumé – Smoked OA Sour Ale w. Peaches –  6.8%ABV
Cocoa Cardamom (Cans) – Blend of Sour Blond Ales Aged in Wine Barrels and Foudres for >2 years, w. Dutch Cocoa Powder, Cardamom Seeds & Fresh Orange Zest – 9.8%ABV
Pear Therapy (Cans) – Blend of Sour Triple & Blond Ales Aged in Wine Barrels for <22 Mo. w. Pears and Ginger – 6.4%ABV
Honey Ginger Lime (Cans) – Spiced Rye Sour Ale w. Candied Ginger, Lime Peel, Fresh Ginger, Lime & Wildflower – 6%ABV
Citrus Sage (Cans) – Sour Wheat Ale aged in Oak Barrels >10 months, w. Sage, White Tea, Lemon Peel, Coriander & Sea Salt – 5.3%ABV
Encyclopedia Botanica – Sour Blond Ale, Aged in Wine Barrels for <2 years w. Elderflowers, Orange Peel & Gin Botanicals – 8.7%ABV
Blue Verbena (Cans) – Sour Golden Ale aged in oak foudres for >10 months, w. Blueberries & Lemon Verbena – 6.2%ABV
Rose Cherie (Cans) – Blend of Sour Red and Golden Ales aged in Wine Barrels & Foudres for <12 months, w. Bing & Montmorency Cherries & Dried Rose Petals – 6.2%ABV

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