The Bruery – Bakery: Banana Bread

For the first time in Europe, we present you with a great opportunity to get your hands on this delicious limited release stout from the bakers at The Bruery! Of course, they need no introduction, and you can be certain the beer will be delicious.
It is a little urgent, so please get us your orders ASAP!

Commercial Description:
Tuck into in this rich imperial stout inspired by the warm aromatic flavors of banana nut bread. This full-bodied, blended imperial stout is treated with walnuts and banana to give it that unmistakable nutty banana bread sweetness.

Please get your orders in by Tuesday 02/07!

The Bruery- Bakery: Banana Bread
Stout – Pastry 10.2% ABV

12 x 273ML CANS 

Please get your orders in by Tuesday 02/07!
Please note that pre-orders are binding, and prices are subject change


Drik 240619- Zagovor, Melvin, Public Access, Fat Orange Cat, Decadent

A crazy and packed list this week!!!

Last time you couldn’t get enough of these willy wonka’ish Pastry IPAs from Decadent Ales, so we listened and brought in some more- this time along with a couple of beers from Public Access and Fat Orange Cat! No less than 8 different offerings from Decadent, including a cheeky little Pastry Stout collaboration with Evil Twin.

Speaking of Evil Twin. Right now we have different kegs and small amounts of cans available from the  NYC brewery. Have you heard of Look Fast, Ride Slø? This sour IPA with Peaches and Tarragon brewed collaboration with Hoof Hearted Brewing is some seriously tasty stuff!

We’ve also got a new shipment from:
Melvin Brewing with some lovely re-stocks. Limited amounts, so be quick!

Last but not least, be sure to grab some of the New stuff from Zagovor. We have 4 different kegs available. What about this tropical delight perfect for the summer days: All Summer in a Day, a Gose w. Passionfruit at  5%.
Here’s a little preview of what’s on this week (remember to check the price list for the full list
Decadent Ales – Blackberry Cream Pop 
DIPA w. Vanilla & Blackberries – 8.6%ABV 18.5P

Decadent Ales – Coconut Almond Macaroon 
DIPA w. Coconut & Almond – 8.2%ABV 18.2P

Decadent Ales – Double Toasted Marshmallow 
DIPA w. Vanilla, Marshmallow & Coconut – 9.2%ABV 19.8P

Decadent Ales – Peach Frosted Pastry 
DIPA w. Peach & Spices – 8.6%ABV 17P

Decadent Ales – Pecan Pie IPA
IPA w. Mosaic, Pecans & Burnt Sugar – 5.2%ABV 13P

Decadent Ales – S’mores 
DIPA w. Toasted Marshmallows & Graham Crackers – 8.6%ABV 18.5P

Decadent Ales – Vermont Maple 
Session IPA w. Maple Syrup – 4.75%ABV 12P

Decadent Ales / Evil Twin – Decadent Delight 
Imp. Stout w. Pistachio, Coconut & Cinnamon – 11.7%ABV 24.5P

Evil Twin Brewing NYC / Equilibrium – Trouble Just Arrived  
Sour Ale w. Blood Orange & White Chocolate – 5.7%ABV 13.5P

Evil Twin Brewing NYC – Did You Ever Say Yes To A Pleasure? Oh My Friends, Then You Also Said Yes To All Pain 
Berliner Weisse w. Coconut, Nutmeg, Pineapple & Tangerine – 5.6%ABV 13.4P

Evil Twin Brewing NYC – Melvin’s New Fashioned Blueberry Pie Filling 
Sour DIPA w. Blueberry Puree, Lavender, Rhubarb, Maple syrup & Vanilla 9.5%ABV 20P

Evil Twin Brewing NYC – Salty Tuff Nutty Bed-Stuy Dude 
Imp. Stout w. Toffee, Peanut Butter & Salt 10%ABV 14.8P

Evil Twin Brewing NYC / Hoof Hearted – Look Fast Ride Slø  
Sour IPA w. Lactose, Peach Puree & Tarragon. 6.6%ABV 14.8P

Fat Orange Cat – All Cats Are Grey in the Dark 
White Stout w. Chocolate & Vanilla – 7.2%ABV 16.6P

Fat Orange Cat – Lorenzo The Beer Cat 
NE Style DIPA w. Galaxy & Citra – 8%ABV 18P

Melvin Brewing – 2X4 – IIPA – 10%ABV 21P
Cans & Kegs

Melvin Brewing – Chuck Morris – IIPA – 8%ABV 17P
Cans & Kegs

Melvin Brewing – Hubert – Pale Ale – 6%ABV 14P
Cans & Kegs

Melvin Brewing – Melvin – IPA – 7.5%ABV 17P
Cans & Kegs

Melvin Brewing – Your IPA – IPA w. Lupulin Powder – 7%ABV 16P
Cans & Kegs

Zagovor Brewery – All Summer in a Day 
Gose w. Passionfruit – 5%ABV 11P

Zagovor Brewery – Decontrol: M&V
Imp. Porter w. Lactose, Marshmallow & Vanilla – 9.6%ABV 20.2P

Zagovor Brewery – Milestone
NE Style DIPA w. Citra, Galaxy, Idaho 7, Mosaic & Simcoe – 8%ABV 18P

Zagovor Brewery
Wallride – NE Style IPA – 6%ABV 15P
 As always, we urge you to take a look at the full price list to check out all the other beers available right now.

Please note that there may be some errors on the price list that have been unintentionally overlooked. Always double check with your order confirmation.

Have a nice day & DRIK!

Oh Fudge!!- Westbrook, Prairie, 3 Fonteinen 170619

What a smorgasbord of flavours we have lined up for you this week- and a lot of them are European premiers! Summer may be knocking on the door, but you don’t want to miss out on this line up of cakey/ brownie/ fudgey liquid goodness we have from our good friends at Westbrook and Prairie.
If that isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, we also have the ridiculously fruity and easy drinking Lil Nap- a berry bomb to kick back in the sunshine with! 

For Denmark, we also have a little restock of the standard gueuze from 3 Fonteinen- to add to the Kriek and Armand & Gaston plus Honing blend we already have in stock! 
Here’s a little preview of what’s on this week (remember to check the price list for the full list

Westbrook Brewing – Gates of S’mordor
Imp. Stout w. Marshmallows, Graham Crackers, Cocoa & Cinnamon. 11%ABV 23P

Westbrook Brewing / Evil Twin – Imperial Wedding Cake Break  
Imp. Porter w. Coffee, Almonds & Wedding Cake – 11.5%ABV 24P

Prairie Artisan Ales – Oh Fudge!  
Imp. Stout with Brownie – 11%ABV 23P
Bottles, kegs

Prairie Artisan Ales – Lil’ Nap
Sour Ale w. Cedar Spirals & Blackberries – 4.5%ABV 11.5P
Cans, Kegs

Prairie Artisan Ales – Paradise
Imperial Stout w. Vanilla & Coconut – 13.0%ABV 27P
Bottles, Kegs

Malbygg Brugghus – Kisi
DDH Pale Ale – 5.5%ABV 13P

Malbygg Brugghus – Sopi
Ne-Style Session IPA – 4.7%ABV 12P

3 Fonteinen – Oude Geuze Batch #78 & Batch #
Bottles- 375ml and 750ml

Have a nice day & DRIK!

Evil Twin Brewing NYC+ collabs with Trillium/ Other Half

Very rare opportunity to get some air shipped kegs from ET NYC’s collaboration brews with Trillium and Other Half, and a brand new DIPA from the guys themselves. The beers have thus far been EXTREMELY well rated, and this is not something to sleep on!
The beers will be with us in just over a week’s time. Please also see conditions below:

Please get your orders in by Friday 14/06!

Evil Twin Brewing New York City / Other Half*
Crème de la Crème

10% TIPA
20L kegs
DDH TIPA brewed with Milk sugar and Citra, Galaxy & Mosaic hops. Whirlpooled with citra, and dry hopped with citra, galaxy and mosaic hops. Huge aromatics and notes of ripe tropical, citrus and stone fruits. Medium-full body. Creamy mouthfeel.
Check out the rating and see for yourself!!

Evil Twin Brewing New York City / Trillium*
Corner of George St and Shawmut Road

7,2% IPA
20L kegs
whirlpooled and dry hopped exclusively with citra hops for a pure expression of one of our favorite hops. Big notes of orange flesh, grapefruit, lychee and sweet honey dew. medium bodied. creamy mouthfeel.

Evil Twin Brewing New York City
You know who deserves to live in that penthouse apartment? A Russian billionaire and his 20 motorcycles.

20L kegs
Brand new beer- unreleased! 

*Due to the limited availability of the collaboration brews, we ask that you order 1 keg of ‘You know who deserves….’ PER KEG of the two collaboration brews. This means that you will need to order 4 kegs if you want all 3 beers. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about this.

Please get your orders in by Friday 14/06!
Please note that pre-orders are binding, and prices are subject change

Newsletter 11/06/19


We had a bank holiday in Denmark yesterday, so the list is going out today instead. The line up today features a limited amount of fresh air shipped IPAs from Separatist Beer Project, including the newest addition to their hyped Nerd series. We also have some new, fresh Fuerst Wiacek!

Here’s a little preview of what’s on this week (remember to check the price list for the full list)

Separatist Beer Project

As mentioned, all the beers have been flown over, and are super fresh! 

Azacca Nerd / IPA / 7.5% ABV

The newest hazy IPA of their Nerd Series, brewed with a hefty dose of pillowy oats and German wheat, then massively dry-hopped with Azacca Hops. 

Eurospliff / Zwickel-Pilsner / 4.2% ABV

Fermented low and slow for many weeks and dosed with healthy additions of Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hops.

Mango Smoosh / A Double Dry Hopped Smoothie IPA / 7.8% ABV

This Smoothie IPA is hopped and dry-hopped with an embarrassing amount of Mosaic and Centennial hops, then conditioned on lactose, vanilla bean and of course loads of Mango.

Fuerst Wiacek

All The Time, Everywhere
Session IPA – Dry Hopped with Amarillo & Ekuanot.
ABV: 4.6 %
OG: 13.0 P
30L KeyKeg

Exploding Rainbows
Mosaic in the whirlpool and then dry hopped intensely with Mosaic. In this new batch we replaced a part of Mosaic T-90 pellets with Mosaic Cyro Hops for more pure Mosaic aroma. .
ABV: 7.0 %
30L KeyKeg