Have you been missing West Coast IPAs as much as we have? Then you’re in luck, because the holy trinity of Californian breweries, Port Brewing, The Lost Abbey & The Hop Concept, has heard our prayers.

In addition to bestowing upon us thirst-quenching West Coast IPAs from Port Brewing like Wipeout, The Hop Concept plays around with hops to make hazy creations like:

Dank & Sticky
DIPA / 8.5%ABV
The inaugural beer of The Hop Concept brand, this IPA boasts aromas of citrus and dank, resinous pine. As the flavor opens, huge notes of stonefruit and dank resin give way to a malty backbone and drying hop bitterness on the finish.

And Port Brewing does so much more than preaching the word of the West Coast IPA. They also dabble in the dark arts, with beers like:

Old Viscosity
Imperial Stout / 10%ABV
In a pinch, this beer could be substituted for your jalopy’s engine oil. While most haven’t chugged used oil from the crank case, it wouldn’t be black as a starry night, nor sport a creamy tan head like Old Viscosity. Remember, oil changes every 3k miles and drink Old Viscosity as needed. Everyone wins.

Want more rich beers? Lost Abbey focuses on Belgian-inpired beers, especially those that are barrel-aged, so you know you’re in for a treat when they make an imperial stout, like:

Serpent’s Stout
Imperial Stout / 11%ABV
This is a massively thick and opaque beer that begs the saints to join the sinners in their path to a black existence.

Be sure to check out the pricelist for all of the refreshing IPAs and rich stouts from these three breweries.

Did you know that The Veil got it’s name from Matt Tarpey’s time spent learning the art of wild ales with Jean-Pierre Van Roy at Cantillon?
Jean-Pierre explained to Matt that natural wine maker’s refer to the yeast pellicles from the spontaneous fermentation process as “The Veil.”
So it’s no wonder that The Veil is excelling at making wild ales, like:

Mergence IV
Farmhouse Ale / 6%ABV
A blend of barrel-fermented Farmhouse-inspired ales aged in red wine barrels for 15 months dry-hopped with El Dorado and Motueka hops. Bright and zesty with notes of white grape juice. Bottle-conditioned for 23 months.

But don’t get so distracted by their beautifully crafted wild ales that you miss out on their decadent imperial stouts, empty & Devastate.

Imperial Stout / 17%ABV
Imperial Stout Aged in Rum Barrels for 12 Months and Apple Brandy Barrels for an Additional 12 Months conditioned on Cacao Nibs, Cinnamon, Blanchard’s Coffee, Vanilla, and Chilis

Arpus is back with an exciting selection of IPAs ranging from 5.5% all the way up to 12% — and also with enough kegs to go around! 

DDH Mosaic Cryo x Citra Lupomax IPA
IPA / 6.5%ABV

PS. Want more kegs? Then be sure to pick up Fuerst Wiacek’s first beer from their new brewery in Berlin, IPA N°1.


First up this week, a huge release from some of the finest purveyors of American wild ale, Jester King

They take American wild ale seriously and are turning out some of the best funk, whether it’s mixed-culture (ie., 10th Anniversary DH Farmhouse ale, see below), a blend of different brettanomyces strains (ie., Pattinson Porter) or spontaneously-fermented (ie., Spon Three Year Blend). 

Jester King – 10th Anniversary Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale 
Farmhouse Ale / 5.8%ABV 
Jester King has been trendsetting for 10 years now and this anniversary beer perfectly showcases all of the lessons they’ve learned along the way. The signature Jester King funk, just enough tartness to be refreshing, hints of tangerines & lemons, and aromas of herbs & honeysuckle. Wild ale the way that it’s meant to be. 

And that’s just the beginning. Check out the full list in our pricelist for more and don’t be shy–all of these beers age beautifully, making the perfect addition to any cellar. 

The day we’ve been eagerly awaiting is here– Fuerst Wiacek’s brand new brewery in Berlin is open! Get their brewery’s “fuerst” brew on your taps, available in 30L Keykegs.

Fuerst Wiacek – IPA N°1
IPA / 6.8%ABV
Everything you love about Fuerst Wiacek’s hazy IPAs. Fruity, bitter, satisfying.


Happy Monday, everyone!

We have some exciting releases for you this week. First up is Mortalis, (NY, USA) who are masters of the art of uber-fruited sour ales.

Mortalis/Baa Baa Brewhouse – Hydra Goes Baa
Fruited Sour / 7% ABV
This Fruited Sour was brewed in collaboration with Baa Baa Brewhouse. It blends blackberry, raspberry, boysenberry, graham cracker, and cheese cake together to form just one of this monster’s many heads. Keep your eyes peeled for even more flavor combinations. *Contains dairy products*

Mortalis / Deciduous – Hydra | Lollipop Forest
Fruited Sour / 7% ABV
This Fruited Sour was brewed in collaboration with Deciduous Brewing. It blends strawberry, lemon, toasted coconut, and pound cake together to form just one of this monster’s many heads. Keep your eyes peeled for even more flavor combinations.

Check out this and much more from Mortalis in our pricelist.

We’ve got some super fresh IPAs and thirst-quenching yet highly-fruited sours from Arpus (LV), which are tried-and-true crowd pleasers. 
Arpus – DDH Nelson x Vic Secret
IPA  / 6.5%ABV
This IPA is turning heads, and for good reason. Juicy, notes of stone-fruit, and a strong hop punch. 
Check out the pricelist for more fresh Arpus–including a limited quantity of kegs!

Topping off this week is a special, limited release from Old Nation (NY, USA). They are renowned for their NE-Style IPA, M-43, but have you tried their newest twist on it? 
M-43 Tart Strawberry
NE-Style IPA  / 6.8%ABV
This fruit-enhanced version of the brewery’s iconic M-43 IPA adds a high-quality strawberry extract and a slight PH adjustment to achieve the perfect tartness.

And everybody loves a refreshing wit in the sun, check out Prett Wit, along with more fresh IPAs, in our pricelist.


Happy Monday, everyone!

American IPAs continue to dominate this week, thanks to our newest air shipment from The Veil! 

You’ve heard of DDH and TDH, but how about QDH? (I.e,. Quintuple dry-hopped!) The Veil ventures into a new frontier for their 4th birthday celebration beer, Sector 5, a quadruple IPA. We also have IPAs, DIPAs and TIPAs from these masters of hops. 

Feeling like something fruity and entrancingly beautiful? The Veil takes on seltzers in a big way with their friends at Omnipollo. Vanilla Blueberry Dragonfruit Passionfruit Shu is an imperial smoothie gose hard seltzer with vanilla, blueberries, dragon fruit, passion fruit, raspberries, and vanilla salt. 

Check out this and much more from The Veil in our pricelist.

Want the perfect combination of summer flavors to please your most picky customers? Look no further than, Hoof Hearted, Decadent, American Solera, Public Access and Short Throw. 

They’re offering up a tantalizing combination of IPAs, fruited/sour IPAs, and goses, like:

Short Throw – The Treachery of Fruit: Mango Apricot
6% – Fruited Gose 

The Treachery of Fruit: Mango & Apricot is another banger in our fruited gose stlye series. We acidify and ferment a traditional gose style ale; tart, light, with a touch of salinity. After fermentation, we added copious amounts of the finest mango & apricot purees to replace some sweetness, which also provides its unique color and texture. If you enjoy when beer meets puree, then this is your jam.

See the list for many more summer favorites.

Top of your order with some cases from the rising stars in the Netherlands,  Folkingebrew

Folkingebrew / Frontaal – Rite of Passage
NE DIPA  / 8.5%ABV

This New England IPA has the hazy thickness that we know and love, along with a playful hop bite. Rich, bitter, thirst-quenching. 


Hello world, I’m Laura, your new beer slinger! I’ve been working here behind the scenes for the past year, so I am excited to step into the light and get to know you all in the coming weeks. But enough about me, without further ado, let’s get down to beer.

This week is all about the hops. Join us on a tour around Europe at all of the finest purveyors of hop nectar!

The first stop is our favorite Russian brewery, Zagovor, who has been delighting us with their beers for 7 years now. Tillykke, Zagovor! They celebrated by brewing:

Zagovor Brewery – 7 Sins
This triple dry-hopped New England DIPA is made in honor of Zagovor’s 7th anniversary, with 7 different malts in the grain bill, a special anniversary hops blend, and fermented with their house Juicy yeast strain. Enjoy it fresh!

They also sent us some mega-thirst quenching sour beers and their renowned TIPA, Shoegaze and Beyond, for all of you members the Citra fanclub. (Psssst… there are even a couple kegs of Shoegaze for the lucky few.)

Check out the pricelist for the full list.

Fuel your customer’s love of all things hoppy and hazy with some super fresh and juicy IPAs from the Latvian masters of hops at Arpus. In addition to an IPA and TIPA, they also sent us:

Arpus – DDH Sabro Cryo DIPA
This juicy & fresh DIPA features Sabro hops, which gives the beer tangerine and coconut aroma with a hint of mint.

Our pursuit of hop greatness ends for this week in the Netherlands at Folkingebrew and their friends at Moersleutel. Amongst many other delish hoppy brews, they also sent us:

Folkinge / Moersleutel – Unlocked
TIPA / 9.5%ABV
New England-Style Triple IPA hopped up with Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Idaho 7 and Ekuanot and Vermont yeast.

Our price list contains the beers featured above, but we always have a wide variety for you to choose from and constantly add great new beers, updated every Monday. We urge you to take a look at the list on a weekly basis to keep up with the releases.