We have a good offering for you guys this week, kicking off with some fresh beers in from Fuerst Wiacek! Two IPAs and an IPL, to ensure you have enough hops to get through this heatwave. Be sure to check these out on the price list! 

We’ve had a few requests off late for these, and now have nice little restock from our friends at Port Brewing / Lost Abbey too, including the return of Old Viscosity– this time in cans! All this haze off late got you craving for some old school, clean West Coast style IPAs? We got you covered with Wipeout by Port Brewing.

P.S.- Did you see our pre-order email last Friday for The Bruery- Bakery: Banana Bread? Deadline tomorrow, so don’t sleep on this! Further details here: www.drikkeriget.dk/the-bruery-bakery-banana-bread
Here’s a little preview of what’s on this week (remember to check the price list for the full list

Fuerst Wiacek – Fido 
India Pale Lager w. Cascade & Simcoe – 5.5%ABV 13P

Fuerst Wiacek – New Age Retro Hippy
Smoothie IPA w. Lactose, Guava, Mirabelle, Mosaic & Citra – 6%ABV 16P

Fuerst Wiacek / 100 Mostow – Drink Dat 
IPA w. Citra, HBC-472 & Columbus – 6.7%ABV 16.4P

Lost Abbey – Ad Idem  
BA Sour Ale w. Brett & Peaches – 6.2%ABV 14.2P

Lost Abbey – Carnevale Ale 
Hopped Farmhouse Ale – 6.5%ABV 15P

Lost Abbey – Devotion Ale 
BE Style Blonde Ale – 6.3%ABV 17P

Lost Abbey – Farmhouse Lager 
Farmhouse Lager – 5.8%ABV 13.5P

Lost Abbey – Ghosts in the Forest Guava  
OA Wild Ale w. Guava – 6%ABV 14.2P

Lost Abbey – Judgment Day  
Quadruple – 10.5%ABV 22P

Lost Abbey – Lost & Found Abbey Ale  
Dubbel – 8%ABV 18.5P

Lost Abbey – Red Barn Ale 
Spiced Saison – 6.7%ABV 16P

Lost Abbey – Red Poppy  
OA Sour Red w. Cherries & Poppy Seed – 6.5%ABV 14.5P

Lost Abbey – Serpent’s Stout 
Imp. Stout – 11%ABV 24P

Port Brewing – Board Meeting 
Double Brown Ale – 8.5%ABV 19P

Port Brewing – Old Viscosity 
Imp. Stout – 10.0%ABV 23.5P

Port Brewing – Wipeout 
West Coast IPA – 7%ABV 15P
 As always, we urge you to take a look at the full price list to check out all the other beers available right now.

Please note that there may be some errors on the price list that have been unintentionally overlooked. Always double check with your order confirmation.

Have a nice day & DRIK!