Happy Monday, all! 

This week, we offer you some great, fresh beers that we expect to get in just in time to send it before the holidays! We have some really special stuff lined up, so don’t sleep on these!

First up, we have Anchorage Brewing Co.

Anchorage Brewing Co.

For the first time in Europe, we have finally managed to get our hands on some cans from Alaska! These hop bombs will be flown in to get out to you as fresh as you like! No doubt the cans will look great on your shelves.

Here are the details:

Anchorage Brewing Co. – Caged – DIPA – 8.4%ABV 21.5P
Anchorage Brewing Co. – Shape Shift Black – TIPA – 10.4%ABV 21.5P

Evil Twin Brewing NYC

Evil Twin Brewing NYC
Arguably the best brewery of the year, we are pleased to offer up some more freshly air-shipped cans and kegs to wrap up a great year of releases from Brooklyn:
Evil Twin Brewing NYC – Awwww! How cute is this. A pair of rats chasing each other on the subway tracks NEIPA – 7%ABV 22P
Evil Twin Brewing NYC – Extra Fancy Gourmet, Artisanal and Uber Hand selected Style Ale  – BA Gose w. Vanilla, Sea Salt & Coriander – 4%ABV 11P
Evil Twin Brewing NYC – I seriously can’t even remember the last time I drove a car – TIPA – 11%ABV 22P
Evil Twin Brewing NYC – Mrs. Sorice’s Sweet Potato Casserole – Sour Ale w. Sweet Potato, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Brown Sugar, Pecans, Marshmallow & Maple Syrup – 7%ABV 16P
Evil Twin Brewing NYC – The Sour Adaptation of Root + Branch’s “The Nomadic Approach to Reinventing the Wheel,” Brewed with Great Care at Evil Twin NYC in Ridgewood, Queens Under the Direction of Hudson Valley Brewery  – Sour IPA w. Lactose, Orange & Marshmallow – 8%ABV 18P
Evil Twin Brewing NYC – Fyraftensbajer – Pilsner – 5.5%ABV 13P
Evil Twin Brewing NYC – I only refer to North as Uptown  – DDH DIPA  w. Cascade Cryo, Nelson & Ekuanot – 8.2%ABV 18P
Evil Twin Brewing NYC – I only refer to South as Downtown – DDH DIPA w. Ekuanot Cryo & Nelson – 8.6%ABV 18.8P
Evil Twin Brewing NYC – Yes I will eat on the subway and I don’t care if people think it’s weird – DDH IPA – 7%ABV 16P

And last but not least, we have Fuerst Wiacek

These have been some of our go-to fresh IPAs from Europe; always a good time! Here are the details of the latest release of cans and kegs:

Fuerst Wiacek – Don’t Get Hit by Lightning – DDH IPA – 7.6%ABV 17.8P
Fuerst Wiacek – Jejune – IPA – 6.8%ABV 16.8P
Fuerst Wiacek / North Brewing – Turbulence – Berliner Weisse w. Blueberry, Mango, Raspberry & Lactose – 6%ABV 16P

Our price list contains the beers featured above, but we always have a wide variety for you to choose from and constantly add great new beers, updated every Monday. We urge you to take a look at the list on a weekly basis to keep up with the releases.

At the moment, we feature beers from:
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Have a nice day & DRIK!