AleSmith was founded in San Diego in 1995 and has since become a a benchmark for the several breweries that followed in inspiration. Drikkeriget has partnered with Alesmith right from the start, bringing in these amazing beers to Europe for a long time now!
This time, we are happy to bring you what could be the best selection we have received from them yet! Their craziest, most intense beers in their best barrel-aged versions. Quantities are, of course, very limited so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to get your hands on some!

AleSmith – 2014 Bourbon Barrel-aged Decadence –  BA Wheat Wine – 10%ABV 
AleSmith – 2016 Noble Empire – BA Bourbon Imp. Porter – 11%ABV
AleSmith – BA Speedway Stout 2019 –  BA Bourbon Imp. Stout  w. Coffee – 13%ABV 
AleSmith – Mexican Speedway Stout  – BA Tequila Imperial Stout w. Coffee – 12%ABV 
AleSmith – Reforged Barrel Blend XX 20th Anniversary – BA X3 American Strong Ale – 11%ABV 
AleSmith – Speedway Stout  (Cans) – Imperial Stout w. Coffee – 12%ABV
AleSmith – Speedway Stout Jamaica Blue Mountain – Imperial Stout w. Coffee – 12%ABV
AleSmith – Vintage Speedway Stout 2017 –  Imp. Stout w. Coffee – 12%ABV
AleSmith – BA Old Numbskull 2018 – BA Bourbon Barley Wine – 11%ABV 
AleSmith – BA Speedway Stout 2019 – BA Bourbon Imp. Stout w. Coffee – 13%ABV
AleSmith – Bourbon Barley Wine – BA Bourbon Barley Wine – 11%ABV
AleSmith – Cognac Barley Wine – BA Cognac Barley Wine – 11%ABV 
AleSmith – Decadence 2017 – American Strong Ale – 9.5%ABV
AleSmith – Hawaiian Speedway Stout 2019 – Imp Stout w. Coffee – 12%ABV 
AleSmith – Islay Barley Wine – BA Scotch Barley Wine – 11%ABV 
AleSmith – Peach Sherry Barley Wine – BA Peach Sherry Barley Wine – 10.5%ABV  
AleSmith – Speedway Stout Jamaica Blue Mountain 2018 –  Imperial Stout w. Coffee – 12%ABV 
AleSmith – Vietnamese Speedway Stout –  Imp. Stout w. Coffee – 12%ABV 

DDH x 2

Public Access is back with some hazy action! Don’t miss:

Public Access – Outer Reality – NEIPA – 7%ABV
Public Access – Suspended Disbelief – NE DIPA – 8%ABV 


A zesty and tropical pale ale brewed with a touch of malted rye and Citra hops.

5.5 %

Just a couple of these left from out latest shipment from Westbrook Brewing for the quickest to draw.

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