Fuerst Wiacek

This Berlin-based gypsy bewery hasn’t taken long to gain the respect of their industry peers. Since their first brew at the end of 2016, they’ve become well known for seriously tasty New England IPAs.
From the brewery:
“We are a Berlin based gypsy brewer duo: Georg and Lukasz. Before going our own path, we travelled the world to learn more about brewing from some of the best breweries out there. We draw inspiration from our favorite New England and German brewing styles and mix that with our experience from apprenticing at Põhjala, Beavertown and Boneyard Beer”
It’s no secret that we’re big fans of FW’s beers, and we now have some brand new, super fresh hops to offer you from them.


Fuerst Wiacek – Airhead

Smoothie IPA with Tangerine, Kiwi, Lime & Milk Sugar – Hopped with Loral.

ABV: 6.0 %

2nd Shift

For those of you who participated in the pre-order, the beers are all here and will go out soon!
If you missed out- fear not! We still have some beers going on the list that you can get your hands on. Quantities are limited though, so don’t sleep on these! 

New beers in this week:

2nd Shift Brewing – Albino Pygmy Puma – Pale Ale – 6%ABV 14P
2nd Shift Brewing – Arancia Y Hibisco – Farmhouse Ale w. Hibiscus & Orange Peel – 5.9%ABV 13.8P
2nd Shift Brewing – Art of Neurosis – IPA – 7.6%ABV 17.5P
2nd Shift Brewing – Brewligans – NE-Style IPA – 6.5%ABV 14.5P
2nd Shift Brewing – Hibiscus Wit – Witbier w. Hibiscus – 5.2%ABV 13P
2nd Shift Brewing – La Collina – Farmhouse Ale – 5.9%ABV 13.8P
2nd Shift Brewing – Limone e Lavanda – Farmhouse Ale w. Lemon & Lavender – 5.9%ABV 13.8P
2nd Shift Brewing – Coffee Black Noise – Imp. Stout – 9.4%ABV 20P
2nd Shift Brewing – River des Peres White Caps – NE-Style Pale Ale w. Lemon Peel – 5.5%ABV 13P
Fuerst Wiacek – Duotone – NE-Style IPA – 6.8%ABV 16.8P
Fuerst Wiacek – Mow – NE-Style Pale Ale – 5.5%ABV 14.5P
Fuerst Wiacek – Schism – NE-Style IPA w. Citra, HBC 344 & Mosaic – 6.8%ABV 16.8P
Fuerst Wiacek / Muted Horn – Shall I Project A World – NE-Style IPA – 6.8%ABV 16.8P

Our price list contains the beers featured above, but we always have a wide variety for you to choose from and constantly add great new beers, updated every Monday. We urge you to take a look at the list on a weekly basis to keep up with the releases.

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