Innovation in the research and development of spontaneous fermentation

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales is the passion project of James Howat. The brewery began production in January 2014 and won two bronze medals and one silver medal for their coolship ales (Category: Experimental, Subcategory: Wild Ales) at The Great American Beer Festival in 2014, 2015, and 2017.
“Every Black Project beer is fermented with microbes captured from the local environment via a coolship or foraged from nature. We believe this creates a beer that is unrivaled in complexity. Our beers are intended to have a sense of place, or terroir. No matter how hard one tried to, our beer cannot be replicated outside of our brewery. In fact, our microbe cultures are purposefully allowed to evolve from batch to batch, creating variations and interesting twists from different releases of the same beer.
We are meticulous about designing recipes and processes that will allow nature to take over and create beers unrivaled in their beauty and complexity. Through experimentation and research, we are continuously developing new and different techniques for use with wild and spontaneous fermentation.”

We have a very limited selection from Black Project to offer, so don’t sleep on these! 

The Archetype

“Our taste-obsessed Bruers hand-selected the best of the best from our Hall of Barrels to carefully blend a barrel-aged ale that boldly represents who we are. The Archetype speaks for itself, with bold notes of dark fruit, chocolate, smooth vanilla and a touch of charred oak. Sit back and enjoy slowly.”


The Bruery – The Archetype – BA Bourbon American Strong Ale Blend – 14.6%ABV

Pure Magic

This amarillo dry-hopped mix culture grisette from American Solera is just pure delicious! Extremely refreshing with a hint of clover, some grassy spice, and some tropical fruit- very quaffable.

Don’t miss American Solera- Magic Jar

New Beers in this week:

Black Project – Cygnus Blend B 2019 – Spontan Ale w. Cherries – 6.7%ABV 15P
Black Project – Peacemaker Cherry – BA Cherry Wine & Bourbon Sour Ale – 5.4%ABV 12.8P
Black Project – Peacemaker Peach – BA Peach Wine & Bourbon Sour Ale – 5.4%ABV 12.8P
Black Project – Skyhawk –  BA Rum & Gin Sour Ale w. Raspberries & Red Beets – 5.7%ABV 13.5P
Black Project – Tag Board 2019 Blend – Wet Hopped Spontan Ale – 5.5%ABV 13P
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