Happy Monday, everyone! 

Big hitters in this week, starting with some brand new beers in from Cascade, including the 2016 Bourbonic Plague! This beer, made to commemorate Cascade Brewing’s 20th anniversary, is a blend of sour imperial porters aged in bourbon and wine barrels for up to two years with dates, cinnamon, vanilla and orange peel.
Quantities very limited, so orders with other cases from Cascade will be priorities. Please be quick to send in your requests! 

We also have a restock of an old favourite of ours- the evergreen Key Lime Pie Gose from our good friends at Westbrook. This cult sensation needs no introduction, and is unrivaled in its mouth puckering, refreshing sourness. Beach beer, anyone?

PS: Drikkeriget will be closed from 15th to 19th July, so get your orders in this week!  Here’s a little preview of what’s on this week (remember to check the price list for the full list):

Cascade Brewing- Bourbonic Plague 2016
BA Oak, Bourbon, Wine Sour Porter Blend w. Vanilla, Cinnamon & Dates – 12.1%ABV 25P

Cascade Brewing – One Way or Another
BA Triple w. Marrionberry & Meyer Lemon – 7.9%ABV 17.3P

Cascade Brewing – Rainbow Project
BA Wine Sour Ale w. Strawberries, Orange, Lime and lemon zest – 6.7%ABV 15P

Cascade Brewing / Mikkeller – Bean to Barrel
BA Tripel w. Cocoa Nibs – 9.4%ABV 20P

Westbrook Brewing – Key Lime Pie Gose
Gose – 4%ABV 9P

As always, we urge you to take a look at the full price list to check out all the other beers available right now.

Please note that there may be some errors on the price list that have been unintentionally overlooked. Always double check with your order confirmation.

Have a nice day & DRIK!