We have got a chance to dig deep into The Bruery Archive……..this hasn’t happened before, and will most likely NEVER happen again.

We are able to put together some mixed boxes pulled out of the Archive visit…..interesting stuff!

We need you orders by Tuesday next week (June 11th)

First box:
The Bruery – Chronology – 12 x 75cl

2 bottles of each:
Chronology: 6 (Wee Heavy) – 13.7%ABV
Chronology: 12 (Wee Heavy) – 14.1%ABV
Chronology: 18 (Wee Heavy) – 14.2%ABV
Chronology: 12 (Imp Porter) – 12.2%ABV
Chronology: 18 (Imp Porter) – 13.4%ABV
Chronology: 24 (Imp Porter) – 13.6%ABV
The idea with the Chronology series is to brew a beer, put it into Bourbon Barrels. Every six months, take a quarter of the barrels, blend them and bottle them. So Chronology: 6 has spend 6 month in Bourbon Barrels………Chronology: 24 has spend 24 month in Bourbon Barrels…..you got it!

Second box:
The Bruery – Christmas song – 12 x 75cl
2 bottles of each:
6 Geese-a-Laying – 11.5%ABV
7 Swans-a-Swimming – 11.0%ABV
8 Maids-a-Milking – 11.3%ABV
9 Ladies Dancing – 11.3%ABV
10 Lords-a-Leaping – 10.5%ABV
11 Pipers Piping – 11.0%ABV
We are aware that it is not exactly Christmas…..more like summer……but these beer will hold up forever, and we have a felling that this offer will be a one time offer. Stock up and make a fun event in December!

Third box:
The Bruery – Arbre Barrel Showcase – 12 x 75cl
4 bottles of each:
Arbre Dark Wheat Wine (Light Toast) – 10.8%ABV
Arbre Dark Wheat Wine (Medium Toast) – 10.8%ABV
Arbre Dark Wheat Wine (Alligator Toast) – 10.8%ABV
A VERY dark and VERY VERY rich Wheat Wine….brewed with Chocolate Wheat Malt.
Aged in new American oak barrels……barrels ranging from lightly toasted to alligator toasted…..which actually mean charred!

Remember to get your orders in by Tuesday 11th June!
* Please note that all pre-orders are binding, and final prices may vary slightly