First up this week, a huge release from some of the finest purveyors of American wild ale, Jester King.  They take American wild ale seriously and are turning out some of the best funk, whether it’s mixed-culture (ie., 10th Anniversary DH Farmhouse ale, see below), a blend of different brettanomyces strains (ie., Pattinson Porter) or spontaneously-fermented (ie., Spon […]


Happy Monday, everyone! We have some exciting releases for you this week. First up is Mortalis, (NY, USA) who are masters of the art of uber-fruited sour ales. Mortalis/Baa Baa Brewhouse – Hydra Goes BaaFruited Sour / 7% ABVThis Fruited Sour was brewed in collaboration with Baa Baa Brewhouse. It blends blackberry, raspberry, boysenberry, graham cracker, and cheese […]


Happy Monday, everyone! American IPAs continue to dominate this week, thanks to our newest air shipment from The Veil!  You’ve heard of DDH and TDH, but how about QDH? (I.e,. Quintuple dry-hopped!) The Veil ventures into a new frontier for their 4th birthday celebration beer, Sector 5, a quadruple IPA. We also have IPAs, DIPAs and TIPAs from […]

Drik 170820 — Westbrook and Arpus

Happy Monday, everyone! This week, we bring to you a long awaited release from the legendary Westbrook Brewing Co.! We have for you some classics as well as new releases, but the highlight: Westbrook Brewing – Mexican Cake 2020 10.5%ABV Imperial Stout aged on cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks and fresh habanero peppers It’s […]

Drik 100820 – Port Brewing, The Hop Concept, Alpha Delta Brewing

Hops incoming this week! Kicking off a great week of releases with hoppy cans from veterans Port Brewing and The Hop Concept! Take a little break from the juice and quench your thirst these hot summer days with clean, refreshing and bitter IPAs from California. As always, these beers are super well priced, and guaranteed […]