UNICORNS? NINJAS? WRENCHES? That can mean only one thing—PIPEWORKS IS BACK, air shipped and freshly arrived! From the absolute classic bangers you remember like Ninja vs.Unicorn and S’More Money, S’more Problems to never before available beers like NvU vs. The Haze and Unichrome, we’ve got all the deliciousness in-house and ready for you! Welcome these old friends back and grab some before […]


Brand. New. Fresh. Fuerst Wiacek! CANS! Dream #11 West Coast IPA – 7,5%ABV Dream #12 Triple Dry Hopped IPA – 8%ABV Power Hour (collab. w/Basqueland) Triple IPA – 10%ABV AND KEGS! Dream #11 West Coast IPA – 7,5%ABV Power Hour Triple IPA – 10%ABV Impractical Joke IPA – 6,8%ABV Power Hour (collab. w/Basqueland) Triple IPA – 10%ABV Logic Maze (collab. w/Biererei) IPA – 6,8%ABV […]


The newest edition in the Great Northern Barrel series supports the old saying that “less is more.” No adjuncts, just lovingly barrel-aged imperial stout.  THE GREAT NORTHERN BARREL-AGED SERIES 22  Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout / 15% / Barrel-aged 35 months in BLiS Bourbon Maple Syrup barrels and Henry Mckenna 11yr Old Bourbon barrels. No adjuncts. Prepare […]


This just in from one of the very first breweries in the States to go all-in on wild ales — wayyy back in 2004, before most Americans realized that beer could be something better than a watery, corn-packed pilsner … But this time, they’re getting a makeover…  ************************ What? JOLLY PUMPKIN is evolving!  Congratulations! Your JOLLY PUMPKIN has […]

Ukrainian Beer Pre-Order

I think most of us are fortunate in that we are not forced to live our lives under existential threat. Many thousands of Ukrainians currently find themselves in this situation every day, including our friends at Underwood Brewery and Ten Men Brewery, who now count themselves among the soldiers, volunteers and refugees pressed into these roles by a terrifying […]