AleSmith – IPA – 7.25%ABVAleSmith – Party Tricks – West Coast IPA – 6.8%ABVAleSmith – Speedway Stout – Imp. Stout w. Coffee – 12%ABVAleSmith – Speedway Stout: Double Fudge Edition – Imp Stout – 12%ABVAleSmith – Speedway Stout: Vanilla & Ceylon Alba Cinnamon – Imp Stout – 12%ABV Evil Twin NYC – Double-Double – Belgian Dubbel – 6.4%ABVEvil Twin NYC – […]

The Veil Pre-Order 220322

A conversation between friends yields a PRE-ORDER OF BRAND NEW BEERS FROM THE VEIL! Just. Like. That. And now your beer plans for spring are made.Nothing more to be said that the pre-order sheet doesn’t say for itself! Cans and KEGS and SUPER FRESH! Deadline for orders is Monday, March 28th! Beer will be AIR SHIPPED mid/end of April! Never Never Aloha Aloha – […]


More new friends! Say hello to … Are you like me? Do you enjoy big, chewy stouts and barrel aged delights with tons of depth and character? Then these Romanians are creating beer for you! And just to prove they aren’t a one-trick pony, they threw in a delicious haze boy too! These folks are CRUSHING it. KEGS and CANS! Blackout – Disturbia – Heaven […]

Hoppin’ Frog Pre-Order

This little dude is putting out the call to get your Hoppin’ Frog pre-orders in! That’s right, Hoppin’ Frog is on the way! Big ‘ol barrel aged bruisers to delicious, chewy pastry stouts to German and English styles with a twist, they’re all making the journey to Drikkeriget soon! KEGS, CANS and BOTTLES available!  Plus some new guys! 🠗🠗🠗 Due to the unpredictability of shipping right now, so […]


Legendary Classics! These are the beers that made you fall in love with craft beer and with Evil Twin! Go back to a simpler time and remind yourself why you got into beer in the first place!  Evil Twin Retro Series: Lil’ B – Imp. Porter 11.5%ABV Evil Twin Retro Series: Monk Suffers Serious Sugar Rush on Barbados – Belgian-Style Strong Dark Ale […]